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Batik Beauty Free Shop Model


Batik Beauty: 21 bolt assortment EST-009, FLL-162, CAS-171, MN-090, CAS-203, CT-038, FLL-148, HOW-358, CAS-205, MB-050, TB-712, EST-005, CRF-124, CAL-117, FLL-161, CT-037, HOW-365, D-127, EST-008, DDT-008 and EST-010. Model measures 51.5"x63.375" and has sleeve for hanging.


Show Me the Way Free Shop Model


Show Me the Way: 16 bolt assortment CNJ-073, CNJ-111, CNJ-047, CNJ-066, CNJ-068, CNJ-032, CNJ-117, CNJ-061, CNJ-107, CNJ-046, CNJ-012, CNJ-007, CNJ-074, CNJ-059, CNJ-065 and CNJ-077. Model measures 53"x53" and has sleeve for hanging.


Sunny Free Shop Model


Sunny: 9 bolt assortment RW0478, RW0474, RW0473, 23041, RW0475, RW0483, RW0476, RW0482 and RW0477. Model measures 58"x58" and has sleeve for hanging.

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